What is Industrial Design?

Video from International Council of Societies of Industrial Design

Is ID for me?

“I really decided I wanted to do it when I figured out that I could mesh the reasoning and engineering with the art and creativity that I really like.”


- Leah Cohen, 1st Year

STEM + art = ID @ GT

S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics... some of the things we do best here at Tech.


Industrial design is the perfect major for STEM-strong students who enjoy imagining ways to make the world a better place.


“It is the most realistic application of things that I have learned; we learn concepts and apply them to creating real life solutions”


- Annika Strauss, 2nd Year

we MAKE things

“You have to be able to express your ideas in a visual way for other people to understand”


- Leah Cohen, 1st Year


2016  |  Georgia Tech Industrial Design

What is Industrial Design?